10 Hottest Weather Temperature Days in Atlanta
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10 Hottest Weather Temperature Days in Atlanta

The ten hottest weather temperature days in the history of the city of Atlanta, Georgia dating back to 1878.

These are the ten hottest weather temperature days in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, dating back to 1878. People often call Atlanta, Hotlanta, but as you will see that has far more to do with the humidity levels in Atlanta, than it does with the actual temperature levels.

The cities of New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Baltimore all have at least one record hottest temperature that is above the hottest temperature ever recorded in Atlanta. Not too many people would believe that, but it's the truth.

All ten of the hottest weather temperature days in the history of the city of Atlanta occurred during the months of July and August. July is the hottest month in Atlanta, as it has a daily average temperature of 89.4 degrees. August is the second hottest month in Atlanta, with an 87.9 degree daily average.

Both June and September have seen 100 degree days in Atlanta, and both months have pretty high average daily temperatures, June is 86.5 degrees and September is 82.3 degrees. But neither month has a 100 degree day that makes this list.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in Atlanta is 105 degrees.

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10 Hottest Weather Temperature Days in Atlanta

T-1. July 13, 1980 - 105 degrees

T-1. July 17, 1980 - 105

T-3. August 22, 2007 - 104

T-3. July 16, 1980 - 104

Turner Field in Atlanta / Wikimedia

T-5. August 10, 2007 - 103

T-5. August 9, 2007 - 103

T-5. July 12, 1980 - 103

T-5. July 29, 1952 - 103

T-5. July 12, 1930 - 103

10. August 15, 2007 - 102

Is Atlanta Getting Hotter?

It does seem that Atlanta is getting hotter. The summer of 2016 has been the second hottest summer, only second to 1980. September 3, 2016 was the first time in 73 days that the temperature in Atlanta will drop below 70 degrees F. Not only have the days been hot, but the usual cooling at night has not occurred making the night miserable. This 73 day stretch of not falling below 70 degrees is a record for Atlanta.

Atlanta’s eight hottest years have all come since 1980. In the summer of 2016, Atlanta had 75 days of high temperature of 90 F or above. The hot nights have been attributed to the lack of wind, due to high pressure systems. The humidity has also been higher than usual. High humidity keeps the nighttime temperatures from falling too much. Low humidity or dryer air allows the nighttime temperatures to cool.

Another cause of the very hot weather and warm overnight lows has also been cause by the lack of frontal systems or air mass changes.

To put 2016 into perspective from previous years as it pertains to the warm overnight lows, six of the 10 hottest stretches of summer ever recorded in Atlanta, when the low temperature never dipped below 70 degrees, have occurred since 2005.

The second longest streak of overnight lows not getting below 70 F was 55 days in 2010 and the third longest streak was 48 days in 2005. So the 73 days is quite a jump from the second longest streak.

Georgia has what is known as a subtropical climate. The geography of Georgia also influences the weather and climate of Georgia, with the southeastern part of the state on the Atlantic Ocean and the hill country to the north. This means that Georgia and short winters and long hot summers. There can be snow and ice storm during the winter and severe weather during the spring, summer and fall that include tornadoes, and hurricanes.

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